This step was covered in the Outline Section. In that section you have associated your GitHub Personal Access Token with your local git config file. This must be done on each workstation you use to push to a GitHub repository.

Make a New Repository

  1. Create a new RStudio Project. The name of the Directory/Project should be test-one. (How to video - 40 seconds)
  2. In the Rstudio Console: library(usethis)
  3. In the Console: use_git(message = "first commit for my helo world")
  4. Create a Readme File: use_readme_md() (Edit your README. Example README template)
  5. Push your repository to GitHub: use_github(protocol = "https") and restart R
  6. Add a license: GitHub instructions
  7. Pull the GitHub changes to your local workstations via Rstudio’s git client
  8. Congratulations. You’ve just created your first GitHub repository. Now you can see your repository. congratulations. you’ve created a repo. On your local file-system you should still see the unstaged Both the local and the remote (GitHub) have the file created at GitHub. you’ve created a repo.


Push: Edit and Commit

Continue in RStudio. This time you’ll make local changes by editing your local repository. After saving the changes you’ll add and commit the changes. Lastly, you will push your changes up to the remote repository.


  1. In the Files Pane, Open the file
  2. In the Editor Pane, modify your README with Markdown

    • Make a Sub-heading with the word “Purpose”

      • i.e. ## Purpose
    • After a blank line type: This is my first Git repository. I'm going to push this file to GitHub via RStudio. Hello World.
  3. Save the changes to this file

Commit & Push

  1. In the Git pane:

    1. Check each of the staged files
    2. Click commit and provide a message: this is my first edit of a README and supporting files
    3. Click the commit button to engage your commit process with the message, then close
    4. Click the Push arrow, then close, then close the commit dialogue box

  2. View your changes back at GitHub:<<your-ID>>/test-one



The next time you open your project in RStudio the first step you should take is to Pull from the GitHub repo. Then make your changes, then commit and push. If you forget to Pull you may have to resolve some conflicts. For best results, get into the habit of pulling before you make edits.

Advance to Hands-On, Part 2: Branch / Merge / Revert



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